Budget Decorating Ideas

my artwork

I’m frugal and don’t want to spend a fortune on decorating my house. Plus, sometimes it’s not easy to find something just right for my style. Therefore, I got inspirations from artworks, movies, stores, magazines, pretty much everywhere and added my own twists. Making art was really fun.

For the piece above, I was inspired by a movie. I painted the paintings, recycled a PVC plumbing pipe, painted it black, cut it to four pieces and glued them to the corrugated metal sheet. I also glued black wood beads to the PVC pipes. I designed a hanging system to put the paintings and the metal sheet together by using nuts and bolts, plywood and wire. With my friend’s help, they all came together just as I had imagined.

artwork above sofa

For a big wall, I like to paint it instead of hanging framed arts because it’s easy and I can always re-paint it if I don’t like it later. Below is a painting copied from Matisse on my stairwell to the second floor.

Stair 1

Stair 2

Below is another copy from Matisse’s Snow Flower in my old condo.


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