How to Live in Abundance 1

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Abundance is a feeling of being loved and safe, knowing that no matter what happens one will be loved and protected. Abundance usually gets thrown into the prosperity field, so I’m going to share my experiences in this arena. I don’t have a bowl providing me with endless foods nor trees growing money. However, when looking back at my life and comparing to what I’ve learned in books, my attitude towards money and life brought me to my current state of abundance.

How do you really feel about money?

Based on the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. It’s not about what we think, but about what we really feel. Therefore, if we think we live in abundance, but deep down in our heart we are afraid we cannot pay the next rent, then it’s likely we will still lack money. My personal experience about money proves this theory without my knowing it.

In my whole life I hardly worried about money because I felt I had enough. When I was at third grade, not long after my parents started giving me allowance, my mom asked me where my money was. Just a couple of days ago my sister had asked me to give my money to her so that we could have more money together. I gave my money to her without a second thought. After learning what I’d done, my mom demanded that I get my money back. So I learned I’d better keep my money to myself (when I was married, I had my individual bank accounts as well as a joint account for shared expenses).

When I graduated from the college, I started from zero. Because of focusing on learning I changed jobs without thinking that I should get a higher paid job or get a new job before quitting. I worked very hard and saved money and then put all my savings into an MBA program. After graduation, I started from zero again in a new programming field with much lower pay than my classmates. However, money kept coming in, sometimes very surprisingly. When I burned out, I quit my job without worrying about money or what I should do next. All I knew was that I had to take care of myself at that moment.

Before quitting my last job, friends worried how I would feed myself. I thought about it and figured my savings would support me for quite a while. Because of my friends’ worry, I started thinking it would be nice to have more money. At least money would give me freedom and more choices to do what I like to do. So I changed my feeling about money by welcoming it.

I had stock options from my former employer, but about half of them the purchasing option was at higher price than the market price when I left the company. I had three months to exercise them or they would be all gone. I tried to exercise some years back, but I was blocked by the company because of a project I was involved in. Plus most of time I was either too unwilling to pay the taxes or too busy to exercise them. The bottom line is that I didn’t want extra money, so it didn’t come to me.

In less than one month after I left the company, buyout news doubled the company’s stock price so that I could exercise all my stock options. Although the money that I finally got was less than what I could have gotten if I had exercised years back, I appreciated that it arrived at the right time with the right amount. I was grateful that I was able to exercise all of my stock options.

Later after the buyout, my old colleagues all received very nice severance packages. They said if I had stayed six months longer I would have gotten the same thing. It stirred up my emotions a bit, but then I recalled my feelings before I left. I’m very happy I did leave early. My enjoyment is not something money can buy. Money will come when it’s time for it to come. An exit is always an entrance for something else.

Although there are many successful stories about gaining fortune by practicing the Law of Attraction, focusing on the outside world (to attract more money) does not connect us to the source, the stillness inside. Not getting what we wish for in a desirable timeline might cause disbelief, blaming, resentment, even anger. Then we might feel living in hell, not in abundance.

What you seek is seeking you. ~~ Rumi

Continue to part 2.

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