The Choice of Feelings

window seat bed

On my trip to Asia, I was very grateful to have free lodging in Hong Kong and Beijing. Both apartments are spacious with great views which would cost a fortune to rent.

The apartment in Hong Kong is located half way to the Victoria Peak with the front facing the Victoria Harbor and back facing the Peak Tower. There were five visitors staying in the host’s apartment at the same time. Therefore, our arrangement was to have two people sleep on the window seats and I was one of the two.

Window seat bed 2I could see the Peak Tower and the green mountain through my window. However, it freaked me out the first night when I lay against the glass on the 23rd floor. It’s like I was going to fall to the ground.

The next day I lowered the curtain and turned my back on to the window so that I wouldn’t see the outside. I felt safe for a while and then I recalled what I had seen through the window the night before. Immediately I sweated and my heart beat faster just like I was looking outside. I realized that I was experiencing something beyond space and time.

Feelings are beyond space and time. Our ability to feel is beyond space and time, and we can choose to live or re-live in misery, fear, love, or joy by choosing feelings.

A friend would crash emotionally when she heard some old songs which reminded her of good old times. She missed the friends who had shared those moments with her but are no longer around.

I could always wonder what would have happened if I had chosen other routes in my life. However, when there is no way to turn back, I would rather re-live the happy moments. Those moments are god’s gift to me so that I know what happiness is.

Unknowingly I’ve stored all my feelings and events in a bank of feelings. I can choose to re-experience a joyous event in the middle of a stressful day; re-live happy moments while lying on a bed in a hospital; re-feel the loving hugs when I feel the world has abandoned me. The good thing about the bank of feelings is that it never runs out no matter how many times I use it. All I need to do is remember to retrieve the positive feelings.

What is your choice?

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