How to Live in Abundance 3


Appreciation, gratitude and love are the same vibration. They rise beyond thoughts, just like the pure appreciation we have experienced when we see a beautiful scene or a mountain. We cannot talk ourselves into loving someone, neither can we do this with appreciation or gratitude. It comes with no thought, no judgment, no expectation, no calculation, and no comparison.

When we’re full of gratitude, the gratitude would automatically flow out to others. We want to give and help, no matter whether it is money, volunteering, advice, or helping to build a house for the low-income people. We won’t expect anything in return even if we only have $100 in the bank. It’s because we feel we are living in abundance and expectation comes from a feeling of lack. Lack and abundance do not exist at the same time.

The interesting thing about gratitude is that our giving would somehow find its way back to us. It might not be a big amount of money, but every little thing adds up and helps us utilize our money better. We may receive rewards, get a promotion, win a prize, land a side job, get free advertising, or find new clients in the area we never set foot in. Since most likely it comes as a surprise, there is no way we can expect it. So why not just give as we can, and let the universe do the work? No interfering.

How can we feel grateful if we feel there is nothing to be grateful for? Since our thoughts determine our feelings, we can train ourselves to feel grateful. We can control how we feel. In the beginning it might feel awkward, but once we get used to it the fun begins.

  1. Thank everything in general: I felt very strange the first morning I said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for giving me a wonderful day!” It’s silly. The day just began and I hadn’t seen any good results yet. What exactly did I thank for? Was this a joke? After a couple of days, however, I started feeling the change—I felt good saying that. Then I noticed that I couldn’t say that without smiling. The more I thanked, the lighter I became.
  2. Appreciate little things on a daily basis: If we deliberately pay attention to our surroundings, we could see the beauty in everything, such as a beautiful sky, sunshine, our job, our car, food, a nice building, plenty of parking, people’s smile or holding the door for us. We can practice this anytime and anywhere including walking, driving, eating, etc. Therefore, we raise our vibration as often as we can and allow high energy to flow into our experience.
  3. Appreciate the unexpected: Often we lose patience or feel bad when our expectations are not met. However, we could use those situations as opportunities to train our mind. For example, the slow car in front of me is preventing me from getting a speeding ticket (after I got two); an over an hour wait in the doctor’s office means that I will get the same amount of time and attention from my doctor if I have a health problem (I’m grateful he’s not an assembly-line or 10-minute-HMO doctor).

By practicing gratitude, we could improve all aspects of our life. Got irritated by your spouse? Write down how you feel first (accept your emotions without labeling or judgment) and then write down five things that you appreciate about her/him. Do this every day for every one you are upset about and see how you feel after a few days. Just writing five things that you’re grateful about every day will change your life too.

What are you grateful for today?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ~~ Rumi

Continue to Part 4.

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