How to Live in Abundance 2


Acceptance is the root of power. When we accept ourselves on all levels, including our background, mistakes, credit card debts, fear, illness, uniqueness, achievements, dreams, and hopes without labeling them, we see our riches, and love ourselves which is the feeling of abundance. Without resistance and denial, we are open to love, healing, opportunities, and the universe. Then the power of changing and the solutions to our problems flow to us.

When we encounter hardships we may wonder why things happen to us. Years later we realize that without that unpleasant incident we couldn’t come to this present state. The universe might deliver our dreams beyond our preference, but there is always a chance for us to grow from it.

I was laid off once from a company demanding I change the data for the clients’ reports. The layoff was a blessing because I felt bad about the unethical conduct. But it stressed me a while due to my working visa. In the end I got a new visa and a new job which led me to the pharmaceutical industry that I had wished for. I thank for the layoff.

Another example of the unexpected is that I had to sell my condo because the new upstairs neighbors violated the HOA rules by replacing the carpet with hardwood floor. My ears are sensitive, and the noise from heavy walking (about 300 pounds) and parties at least twice a week really drove me crazy. I sold my condo in 2004 after owning it for two years and made a profit without having to pay taxes. It was my first home and I decorated it nicely – some people didn’t want to leave the open house. I felt being forced to leave because I even refinanced it before the new neighbors moved in. I had to accept the situation and moved on. The bottom line is I was unhappy living there because I simply couldn’t enjoy it.

Now I’m really happy that I sold it so that I could save the gain and more money for seven years, wait for the housing price to come down and buy the house I’m living in now. I couldn’t afford it in 2004. This is a single family home in a quiet neighborhood, and I really enjoy it. I thank the old neighbors for making noises, and I don’t need to pay high condo fees now.

When things are not going our way, over-thinking, blaming, regretting, cursing, judging and anger would not help much. Just accept it and let go of thoughts. Sometimes I ask god, the universe to guide me too. In a calm state the solution would arise. If you can change it, do what you have to do. If not, don’t do anything but just accept it. No action is an action.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure. ~~ Rumi

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  1. Dave Sparks

     /  April 2, 2013

    Wonderful article..”letting go” is truly the greatest test of strength. So much of this “world” is fear based that it is easy to get “caught up” until you can no longer “live in the moment”.


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