How to Live in Abundance 4

Going with the Flow

This is not about going with your compulsive feeling of buying things or reacting to a situation when you are upset, excited, low or high. It’s better to let go of your thoughts and calm down first. It’s ok if you don’t know what to do and there is no hurry to take any action right away. Only go with the flow when you feel peaceful like unstirred water with no fast heart beats. Below are some of my experiences and hopefully they help explain what I’m trying to say here.

After selling my condo in 2004, I moved into an apartment and kept searching for properties. The longer I stayed, the more I felt like signing a month-by-month lease. In the summer of 2011 the apartment wanted to increase the rent by 5% for a one year lease and by 59% for a month-by-month lease (usually it was $100 per month more than a yearly lease). In addition, they had allowed pets on my floor since early 2011, so there were bugs and animal urine in the trash room. I accepted the situation and decided it’s time to move, even though I hadn’t found a house yet. Sometimes we need to let go in order to let in.

I wanted a month-by-month lease, but found very few opportunities. A friend who rented out rooms in her house had a room with a shared bath for about $850/month including utilities. Since there was no storage room, I’d have to rent a storage unit for about $150/month to store my furniture and boxes. I disliked the deal but decided to sit on it and keep looking.

In less than a month before my lease expired, one night when lying on my bed I asked god to guide me where to rent. The next day, Sunday, I woke up with Craig’s List on my mind. I checked there again and found a great deal. I went there immediately with my check book. I got two furnished rooms with a private bath and big closets for storing my boxes, and I could store my furniture in the basement for free. The rent including all utilities was $850 a month! My landlord said that he posted the ad on Saturday morning and usually the rooms would be taken on the same day. He thought it was strange that I could get it on Sunday.

That house had over 6,000 square feet with a huge kitchen. I liked the kitchen and a big kitchen was one of the criteria on my house hunting list. When cooking in that kitchen, however, I got exhausted by walking from one end to the other, especially if I forgot to take all the stuff that I needed from the pantry at once. I started thinking that having a big kitchen might not be necessary. Because of that I bought my house with a small kitchen. By utilizing two corner cabinets well I have a functional and efficient kitchen. I enjoy cooking in my small kitchen, no back and forth walking anymore.

The universe does answer our request, and it’s just a matter of time. Sometimes it guides us through events or other people to a better situation beyond our wishes. If we’re patient and open to it, we’ll receive it. Here is a miracle which manifested over months.

My original kitchen design involved a customized concrete countertop with matching color to the backslash tile. I found a concrete countertop contractor in another city, but he was about to have a vacation for a month. After seeing his work online I decided to wait for him. I moved into my new house with plywood on top of cabinets and no sink in the kitchen. He was very busy after coming back, so he stopped by my house a month later.

He took a sample of the tile, gave me an oral estimate and promised to give me a final estimate by the end of the week. A week later he informed me of a break-in in his house over the weekend and he needed to get a computer. It was the last time I heard from him. Later, on his Facebook I found he got more contracts from a major grocery store chain. I figured his one-man shop could not handle too many projects, so I started researching other counter surfaces.

Since I like solid colors, I prefer quartz. I received a few estimates, but they were all pricy and there was no matching color to the tile. One day a thought came to me – why not check out black granite? I went ahead and found one that was solid black, and granite was much cheaper than quartz. I searched online for a long time and found a couple of stores with good reviews and prices. I visited one of them which was a wholesaler, and found other black granite on sale. Although the color was not solid black, the pattern was not busy at all. And the price was great – it saved me about $2,300 compared to concrete; $1,720 compared to quartz!

A couple of months later, I saw concrete countertops with many coffee stains at Whole Foods. The store staff tried hard to remove the stains and finally gave up. I was so happy that I didn’t use concrete and just went with the flow. Compared to the money and cleaning fiasco I saved, living without countertops and sink for three months is trivial. I thank that concrete contractor.

When you encounter many road blocks on a planned route, it’s very likely a sign for you to take a detour. Take a deep breath, open to the unknown and let it flow to you. Enjoy the adventurous ride!

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. ~~ Rumi

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