Walking Meditation

A friend had health problem about a decade ago. No matter how long she slept or how heavy her comforter was, she always woke up with cold feet every day. After she found a spiritual teacher who asked everyone to walk every day, she walked about one hour every day regardless of snow or rain. One year later she didn’t have cold feet anymore.

I kept her story in mind and walked about 40 minutes five days a week since I stayed home. Surprisingly I noticed that walking increases my creativity. Sometimes I was too busy or lazy to walk for a couple of days and then found myself blocked and craving for a walk. During or after the walk, ideas would just come to me and it doesn’t matter whether I walk alone or with a companion.

Three turtles

Based on my experience working-out or doing sports create sweaty chemical reactions in my body and are especially good for releasing stress or emotions. Walking doesn’t necessary make me sweat but does walk off blockages, especially energy blockages. I am energy and supposed to let the universe flow through me smoothly. I feel like walking is reconstructing my body, mind and soul to better connect to the universe. In fact I don’t know how it works, but just know it works.

When reading The Vein of Gold – A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron, I was happy to find that Julia requires daily walking: 30 minutes a day for six days and one-hour walk for one day every week, in addition to three pages of the Morning Page. The morning page is writing meditation; daily walking is walking meditation.

Just like writing the morning pages, while walking I talk to god, the universe, angels (could be whoever you prefer) and also ask for guidance. I also explore the environment with curiosity. Switching focus from my mind to the surroundings lets go of my thoughts and attachments too.

When walking with a friend, our conversations could be creative too. Even without talking, the energy between us is peaceful. Maybe incorporating walking into business or social meetings is not a bad idea. In addition to maintaining good health, the creativity may take the meeting to another level or make it more productive.

Walk and see what comes to you. Enjoy!

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