Unstirred Water, Unaltered Mind

This week my energy towards the coaching program suddenly changed. I felt it and started to evaluate whether being a coach is right for me. After two days of thinking and discussing with my peer coach, I went for a long walk along a river and had lunch and dinner with my friend. I came to a conclusion that I’d better let this feeling sit its way out. Not taking an action is actually a proper action. She also recommended that I watch the video below (Understanding the mind by Sogyal Rinpoche).

I observed my thoughts from either side (pros and cons) coming and going. Meanwhile out of curiosity I did a job search based on my old skill set. Surprisingly I became open to the jobs that I had disliked before. It’s because of the new coaching skills that I have learned. I can apply the new skills to any jobs and whether being a coach is not a question anymore. I felt the openness and peace.

Life is adventure. Mind is wonderful.


Solitude is Utterly Positive

Yellow Rose

I enjoy being alone and Osho’s saying below resonates with me perfectly.


The lonely person is in a negative space.
He is hankering for the other.
He is in a deep sadness because he does not know
how to enjoy being with himself,
he does not know how to celebrate himself.

All that he knows is relationship.
So whenever he is in a relationship he feels at ease.
Whenever he is with somebody he can forget himself.

To be with somebody is like alcohol, it is an intoxicant.
It is simply drowning yourself, your worries, anxieties,
your very existence in another person.
And the other is doing the same with you.

That’s what people call relationship —
each is using the other as a means to avoid the self.

Solitude is totally different.
It is not loneliness, it is aloneness.
It is not negative, it is utterly positive.
It is not experiencing that another is absent
but experiencing that you are present.

It is so overwhelming an experience
of your own presence that everything else fades
from the mind and you start feeling ecstatic.

The sheer joy of breathing, the sheer joy of being,
the sheer joy of participating in existence is enough.
It is a wonder to be, the wonder of wonders.

Then solitude becomes a temple.
Blissfulness becomes the deity in it.

And that’s what meditation is all about:
the art of changing loneliness into aloneness, into solitude.